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Amy Robinson
Food Procurement Manager- Foodservice - Second Harvest

Second Harvest is Canada’s largest food rescue organization and is a global thought leader on perishable food redistribution. We operate at the intersection of hunger relief and environmental protection, tackling food loss and waste through food redistribution, research, awareness, and education, continually innovating, and collaborating to ensure a more sustainable planet.

We work with thousands of food businesses from across the supply chain utilizing logistics and technology to reduce the amount of edible food going to waste, thereby diverting unnecessary greenhouse gases from entering the environment. Our inclusive model ensures this healthy surplus food is redirected to thousands of charities and non-profits across the country, providing millions of Canadians experiencing food insecurity access to the nourishment they need. Learn more: 


Ben Liegey
Founder and CEO - Better Table is a Vancouver-based benefit company helping hotels and restaurants control food costs to improve the bottom line. We empower F&B operations with online training, food efficiency audits and a marketplace of food waste solutions to make your business more profitable. Our clients usually save 2% on food costs.

A recording of the webinar is available at HERE

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Join us as we step out of your busy lives, take a collective moment to breathe, and get inspired by nature's wisdom. In this interactive virtual experience, you'll gain perspective and clarity, leading you to fresh ideas about sustainable practices in your professional and personal lives.

Nature's Boardroom offers innovative and sustainable meeting solutions that provide a fresh alternative to traditional meeting and event formats. In this session, you will be transported to a forest, where you will learn about ecology and how it can be applied to improve the ecosystems in your own life. You'll soak in the sights, sounds, and knowledge found in the forest while engaging in guided group discussions with fellow industry professionals.

Don't miss out on this chance to see the forest for the trees and take a step towards a more sustainable future.

Learning Outcomes:

* How to use systems thinking to make meaningful change by shifting your approach to strategic planning.
* Discuss tangible ways you can integrate sustainable practices and participant well-being into your meetings and events.
* Understand why organizational values that prioritize well-being lead to resilience and productivity.


Heather Pelletier, Founder & CEO of Nature's Boardroom
Heather has been creating transformational team events for over 15 years. She has partnered with well-known international brands such as Nike, Mercedes, and Toyota cultivating a reputation for sustainable and innovative culture-building events. Nature’s Boardroom is Heather’s newest endeavor using her unique approach that applies the natural world as a lens to create meaningful change for the corporate world. She has a degree in geography and training as a naturalist. Heather collaborates with a wide range of contributors to write and deliver inspirational educational content for Nature's Boardroom workshops, relying on widely-accepted academic research in forest ecology, the humanities, and business leadership.

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The webinar featured collaborative insights from SITE Canada and SITE Scotland, and was championed by the SITE Global Sustainability Committee.

Featured speakers were:
Ben Liegey with; and
Dr. Teresa Moore with A Greener Future.

A recording of the webinar is available at HERE

CLICK HERE to download the powerpoint from Ben Liegey on Food Environment Sustainability

CLICK HERE to download the presentation from Dr. Teresa Moore on The Issues with Travel and Transport.

CLICK HERE to download the SITE Global Sustainability Committee Plant-Based Recipe E-Book Project Information & Instructions


We look forward to continuing these sustainability conversations and building this very important community!




The webinar featured collaborative insights from SITE Canada and SITE Scotland. Championed by the SITE Global Sustainability Committee.

Featured speakers were:
Virginie De Visscher from Destination Canada; and
Rory Archibald from Visit Scotland.

A recording of the webinar is available at HERE

A Sustainability Checklist is available HERE

CLICK HERE to read an article about the webinar, written by Shalene Dudley

The SITE Canada Plant-Based Recipe Book is available HERE



SITE Canada Releases Plant Based Recipe Book


Are you looking for some healthy plant-based recipes to try at home? Maybe you need ideas for vegetarian and vegan options to share with your event suppliers.

SITE Canada has compiled a fabulous collection of recipes from SITE members and industry colleagues around the globe. This recipe book will evolve, updated annually with new submissions from our members.

We hope this recipe book will inspire our members to incorporate more sustainable food & beverage choices when planning incentive programs.

These recipes are the favourites of event professionals and have come from multiple sources. As a result, each recipe has unique formatting.

Special thanks to Iconic Wineries of British Columbia for their support.


From Excess to Progress: Let's Rid Corporate Events of Food Waste

By Heather Pelletier
Founder & CEO, Nature's Boardroom

What if your menu planning skills could help fight global warming & food insecurity? For planners committed to reducing the carbon footprint of their in-person events, their hands are tied for deeply impacting air and ground emissions. But there is a new way that planners can make a deep impact on another major source of emissions: Food Waste.

“In Canada, 58% of food produced is wasted or lost. Sadly, much of it ends up in the landfill where it produces methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.”

To continue reading this article click here.

Eating More Green is our Scene. March 31, 2022

JOIN us for our Earth Month April Campaign!

The SITE Canada Sustainability committee would like to create more dialogue around food choices, and we want you to share your favourite plant-based dishes, soups, salads, smoothies, casseroles and more. Our goal is to eat more GREENS and educate ourselves about how our food choices can make an actual impact on the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. For Earth Month, we’re creating a plant-based recipe e-book with contributions from our SITE Canada members. We’d love your submissions!

Did you know?

By reducing the consumption of certain foods such as beef, lamb, palm oil, coffee and choosing plant-based foods, gas emissions (i.e., carbon dioxide & methane) and destructive activities (i.e., deforestation) will be curbed.  For the rest of the article and details for submitting your recipe click here

Let's Talk Certification! March 17, 2022

Did you know that SITE Global introduced a Sustainability Certification program at the SITE Global Conference in 2020? Led by Past President Gabby Spanton, SITE Canada proudly received its Certification in 2020. At present, we’re on the cusp of 21 of 27 global chapters being certified this year. Certification requires the completion of qualifying criteria, tasks, and case studies. The SITE Global Sustainability Committee also provides training webinars and mentor support to assist throughout the chapters’ yearlong initiatives.

SITE Canada’s Sustainability Committee is excited to be launching an Earth Day Campaign. Stay tuned for more details and mark your calendars for Earth Day this April 22nd! Our upcoming chapter programs will follow and adhere to the necessary guidelines to provide sustainable events.

Through teamwork and collaboration, we all can make a difference! Let’s keep the conversations going with industry colleagues on how to ‘Save and Protect our Planet’ and put it into action! Click here to read this month's article.

Sustainability: Where to Begin

Sustainability and the climate crisis are very important topics for meeting and incentive professionals. There are many resources out there and although these resources are helpful, it can be so overwhelming and downright scary!

Join SITE Canada member Liz Akey, CMP,  in this “new” journey as we navigate these critical issues together. She will be providing regular updates on sustainability that can assist you in your day-to-day life as well as within our industry.

Where do we begin and how can we make a difference in both our personal lives and our professional lives - the world of incentive and motivational reward travel? Click here to find out!

Leading Change for a Greener Planet

Read about how one of SITE Canada’s Sustainability committee members, Katie Stewart, reflects on her sustainability journey and how a big part of that journey has to do with the invention of something as small as a tablet.  Click here to read the article.

SITE Earth Day Clean-Up Challenge
April 21, 2021

If you have ever participated in a neighbourhood clean-up, you will understand how rewarding it feels to see the amount of garbage you have kept off our streets. Imagine if everyone got involved even just for one hour a year - we could make our streets greener, cleaner, and safer.

 All it takes is a committed mindset and mere minutes to gather equipment  and  take action right away.

Here are some tips for doing your own clean-up:

  • All you need are:
     -Two garbage bags (one for garbage and one for compost)
     -Protective gloves such as gardening gloves so they can be washed after use
     -A garbage picker for sharp and dangerous materials - tongs work well for this
     -A wagon if you have one to keep the bags in
     -A bottle of water and some healthy snacks to keep you energized
     -And don’t forget your mask!
  • The reason why a recycling bag is not included is that chances are, if a recyclable item is on the street, it probably isn’t cleaned for recycling and will end up contaminating other recyclable items in that bin. If the item does not need to be cleaned and has not been contaminated, such as paper, then stick it in the composting bin and sort it out at home.
  • Review your city guidelines, so you are familiar with what items are garbage, recyclable or compostable. *Tip: disposable coffee cups and lids are not recyclable. They have an inner lining that prevents them from being properly recycled.
  • Gather your family, friends or neighbours and make a friendly competition out of it. Whoever collects the least amount of trash buys ice cream for the winners!
  • Set a goal that will motivate you and your crew along the way, such as setting a time limit, filling up X amount of bags, pre-determining a route to take, or committing to picking up X amount of trash.
  • Take a picture of the activity, including the amount of trash collected, and share it on social media. The more people see this, the more it’ll inspire other people to do the same. Share, share, share!

Start small, and after one clean-up, you’ll feel nothing but goodness and accomplishment. And it doesn’t have to end there - neighbourhood clean-ups don’t just happen during Earth Month, they can be done any time of the year. Plan a clean-up day just before winter arrives so when the snow melts in the spring, you aren’t left with any surprises that have been buried under snow and slush for several months. The most important thing to keep in mind is to have fun! The easier you make this, the more enjoyable it will be. Let’s band together and go green!

#SITEgoesgreen #SITEsustainability

SITE Canada Earth Day Pledge
April 14, 2021

Today is the big day! We are launching our SITE Canada Earth Day pledge. 

EARTH DAY PLEDGE WINNERS: Congratulations to our two winners Diane Mihalek & GiseleRobert of the SITE Canada Sustainability #SITEgoesgreen campaign.  

We want you to announce your commitment on social media by making a pledge that contributes to creating a more sustainable planet.

Here's How It Works:
Today on each of SITE Canada's social media feeds (see below for a link to each platform) we are going to make a post about the Earth Day pledge.

Post your pledge and photo in the comment section of the SITE Canada post with the hashtag: #SITEgoesgreen. Or create your own post but you must tag @sitecanada (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) @SITECan (Facebook) and include the hashtag: #SITEgoesgreen. 

Each tagged post will be entered for a chance to win an exciting prize to be drawn at random from the submissions! We will be gathering all the posts and images to share with you in a future SITE Canada InSITEs and Inspirations newsletter. 

We look forward to seeing all your pledges!

Be sure to follow SITE Canada on social media

Contest Rules:

Contest runs until April 30, 2021.

Open to all SITE & non-SITE members in Canada and around the globe.

Prize can only be shipped within Canada.

SITE Canada Awarded Sustainability Certification
January 24, 2021