President’s Message


We are rounding the corner! While the vaccine rollout was slower to start here in Canada, we have certainly moved at an exceptional speed to be at the top of the international list for the most vaccinated. Canadians are rolling up their sleeves and doing their part to stand together. We are ready to take charge again and make this the biggest comeback of all time. 

Companies are gearing up and RFPs are flowing in. New contracts are being signed, planning is in the works, and teams are being rebuilt. The time to travel once again and hold meaningful meetings is coming. Long overdue hugs are going to happen. Seeing loved ones will take place as trips home are being booked. 

These past six months, SITE Canada has brought together its members for outstanding education, hosting the first ever book club, and cocktails and conversation meetups. It's been thrilling to welcome many new SITE members to our community. Committees are busy and this year our volunteer support has been exceptional. It is this collaboration that will take us through a strong second half of the year.  There is a new thought leader event, Aspire, that will take place in July which will be a first for the chapter, connecting members directly with experts. More details on this exciting event will be revealed in the coming weeks. Planning is also underway for Education Day that will take place in person in Toronto this October. For SITE year’s end, the Holiday Social committee is planning what might be the biggest celebration ever. 

As we all start to make our plans to meet clients, welcome guests and create memories with programs, the industry that we love is being ignited. It’s happening.  The positivity is flowing more than ever before.  It’s time to dream big, plan with confidence, and most importantly get ready to meet again safely. 

I am personally excited to see the innovation that will come from the devastation of this past year. Our industry has an amazing reputation for delivering impactful, insightful and inspirational incentive events. As we all stand together, let’s get back to doing what we love to do with great hope and a smile! Enjoy your summer!

Pearleen Mofford, CIS

SITE Canada President 2021