President’s Message

January 2021

It's here, 2021! And the road to recovery is underway. We are ready for the year that lies ahead. As our industry rebuilds; with vaccines being distributed, program planning underway and contracts being signed, the desire to travel is strong. The signs of revitalization are encouraging. As leaders of the incentive travel world, we are set to be a part of the rebound.

As your new board looks ahead, we will learn, connect and inspire each other. A Peer Connect Task Force, made up of leaders from our Chapter, was asked to examine how we can evolve member engagement. It will provide recommendations on how to address the challenges facing members during these unprecedented times. Committee findings focused on five main areas: Communication, Engaging Events Strategy, Member Vs. Non-Member Engagement, and Best Practices for Collecting Sharing and Marketing.

Each director is now incorporating the recommendations into portfolio plans for 2021. The year ahead will offer compelling events along with an array of educational and networking opportunities. Things we once knew will look a little different as we move forward. While it takes courage to let go of what we know, embracing the new will bring about fresh approaches to what we do and how we do it.

I would like to express my personal gratitude and thanks to the task force: Roger Haskett, Diane Alexander, Melaya Horsten, Karel Gomez, Jason Thompson and Ashlee Posner for their time and commitment. The ideas shared will be a part of the path forward for SITE Canada. 

It's a great pleasure to introduce your 2021 board. Here are a few words from the board directors and their vision to the ongoing success of SITE Canada. We invite you to reach out and contact any of us with your ideas and comments. If you’re interested in being involved on a committee, we would love to hear from you. 

Let’s use our SITE bond and the incredible passion we have to be a part of this recovery. Let the comeback journey begin!

Pearleen Mofford

SITE Canada President 2021