SITE has a rich 41-year history built on strong ethics and professional relationships. Today, this global network of meeting, travel and event professionals has over 2,000 members in 90 countries, with 29 local and regional chapters all dedicated to delivering business results.

These members believe the highest levels of workplace performance are reached by individuals and teams that are highly motivated and that employing motivational experiences as powerful business tools reward and unlock human potential to achieve corporate objectives.

SITE has always recognized and celebrated the cultural differences and unique perspectives offered by our global membership — that is what makes a SITE membership stand apart from other professional communities. We believe that being part of an organization that is connected in to 87 different countries allows SITE members to discover new ways of thinking, observe best practices and influence worldwide industry standards. Ultimately, membership in SITE will introduce relationships that will be the new business opportunities of the future. SITE members include corporate executives, corporate planners, incentive companies, destination management companies, travel and event meeting planners, official tourist organizations, transportation companies, hotels and resorts, cruise lines, trade publications, and supporting organizations such as restaurants and visitors attractions. All are professionals who believe in the power of motivational experiences and events.

Expand and Extend. SITE has grown organically, with existing members inviting new members who also embrace the professional standards of the community. If each existing SITE member invited one new member, the size and strength of the network would immediately double the power potential for you.