Website Advertising Specifications

Ad Type Placement Dimensions Rate: Member Rate: Non Member
Website Banner
Bottom of
all pages
728 x 90
pixels, 100kb max - static or animated.gif, .jpg
(RGB only)
  • $325 for 30 days
  • $900 for 90 days


  • $395 for 30 days
  • $1005 for 90 days
Website Banner
(Vertical Banner)

1 on right
side of Home page only

120 x 240
pixels, 100kb max - static or animated.gif, .jpg
(RGB only)
  • $295 for 30 days
  • $750 for  90 days
  • $350 for 30 days
  • $900 for 90 days



SITElines Advertising Specifications

Ad Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your support of SITElines, SITE Canada chapter’s interactive e-newsletter. We strive to provide relevant updates to our valued community including chapter news, industry event coverage, and other trending topics of conversation within incentive travel. Your ongoing support of this publication is appreciated!

To ensure your ad is displayed correctly in the upcoming issue of SITElines, please follow these guidelines when submitting your ad:

FULL PAGE AD - Members: $600 plus HST.   Non-Members - $800.00 plus HST

HALF PAGE AD - Members: $400 plus HST.   Non-Members - $600.00 plus HST

FULL PAGE ADVERTORIAL - Members: $800 plus HST.   Non-Members - $1200.00 plus HST

1/2 page:   8.5”  X   5.5"

Full page:   8.5”  X   11"

300 DPI jpeg or pdf preferred but we can probably work with a lower res if necessary



Artwork must be provided by advertiser.  Rates apply to artwork conforming to the above specifications – additions and/or revisions are subject to extra charges. Banner ad placements are for 30 days. Space cancellations must be received in writing and will not be accepted after space deadlines.

For deadlines and format requirements, please contact SITE Canada at .