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See the Forest For the Trees

May 31, 2023


Join us as we step out of your busy lives, take a collective moment to breathe, and get inspired by nature's wisdom. In this interactive virtual experience, you'll gain perspective and clarity, leading you to fresh ideas about sustainable practices in your professional and personal lives.

Nature's Boardroom offers innovative and sustainable meeting solutions that provide a fresh alternative to traditional meeting and event formats. In this session, you will be transported to a forest, where you will learn about ecology and how it can be applied to improve the ecosystems in your own life. You'll soak in the sights, sounds, and knowledge found in the forest while engaging in guided group discussions with fellow industry professionals.

Don't miss out on this chance to see the forest for the trees and take a step towards a more sustainable future.

Learning Outcomes:

* How to use systems thinking to make meaningful change by shifting your approach to strategic planning.
* Discuss tangible ways you can integrate sustainable practices and participant well-being into your meetings and events.
* Understand why organizational values that prioritize well-being lead to resilience and productivity.



Heather Pelletier, Founder & CEO of Nature's Boardroom
Heather has been creating transformational team events for over 15 years. She has partnered with well-known international brands such as Nike, Mercedes, and Toyota cultivating a reputation for sustainable and innovative culture-building events. Nature’s Boardroom is Heather’s newest endeavor using her unique approach that applies the natural world as a lens to create meaningful change for the corporate world. She has a degree in geography and training as a naturalist. Heather collaborates with a wide range of contributors to write and deliver inspirational educational content for Nature's Boardroom workshops, relying on widely-accepted academic research in forest ecology, the humanities, and business leadership.


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