Past SITE Canada Events

Sustainability in Incentive Travel

Feb 9, 2023

Collaborative Insights
from SITE Canada and SITE Scotland

Championed by SITE Global Sustainability Committee 


Join us for an insightful webinar discussing Sustainability and how to make a positive impact with incentive travel. Industry leaders Virginie De Visscher from Destination Canada and Rory Archibald from Visit Scotland will share case studies related to sustainability in incentive travel. 
We will also be sharing achievements and plans of the SITE Global Sustainability Committee and sustainable chapter events case studies by SITE Canada and SITE Scotland.
Let’s learn and make a difference in the industry together!


Date: Thursday February 9, 2023

Location: Zoom

Time: 12 PM EST/ 5:00 PM UK GMT, 1 hour session

Cost: Complimentary to Industry Professionals




Virginie De Visscher - Destination Canada
Sustainability has been a watchword in travel and business event planning for years. In 2023, it will be the key to winning future business and a non-negotiable for the industry at large.

With one of the largest land masses in the world, Canada is positioned to be a game changer in sustainability. A longtime proponent of connecting an event’s purpose directly to the strengths of the host destination, Destination Canada has taken it a step further with its first-of-its-kind national business event sustainability plan. Aimed at improving the economic, socio-cultural, and environmental sustainability of business events hosted in Canada, the plan will give turnkey sustainability programs to global clients, empowering them to drive action, raise standards, and propel the entire event industry toward being more sustainable. 

During this webinar, Destination Canada will share more on its national approach to sustainability, including why collaboration over competition is key, while also debunking client misconceptions around sustainable events by sharing easy to implement, tips, case studies and examples compiled through the national plan.


Rory Archibald - Visit Scotland
Environmental sustainability and social sustainability are equal partners in the fight against climate change. Without raising living standards for all across the globe, we will lose this fight. The business events industry must embrace the opportunity to care for our communities, ensuring that we put people and planet first. 

Scotland has an ambition to be a ‘good global citizen,’ ensuring that we share and learn with counties across the world. Our National Government Policies are intertwined with the United Nations Sustainability Goals and as such, VisitScotland Business Events created a strategy, ‘Journey to Change,’ to ensure that events taking place in Scotland create positive social transformation and take environmental action in Scotland and across the world. 

Rory will share with you our ‘Journey to Change’ and what ambitions we have for our industry here in Scotland and internationally. Accompanying this will be case studies of success and identifying areas where we need to improve.



Virginie De Visscher

Senior Director of Business Development, for Destination Canada Business Events, Virginie De Visscher has a tenacious determination to reimagine how the country attracts business events to its destinations. 

An innovative thinker with a highly collaborative approach, Virginie has extensive experience in business development, international operations and humanitarian aid; from leading international trade missions to managing coffee and cocoa operations in East Africa.

A biosystems engineer by trade, she has received a wide range of certifications, including her Sustainable Excellence Associate designation from the International Society of Sustainability Professionals and Certified International Trade Professional designation through the Forum for International Trade Training.


Rory Archibald

Rory leads the Associations, Sectors and Marketing teams at VisitScotland Business Events.

Since joining VisitScotland in 2015, Rory has overseen the expansion of the association team and remit within Scotland, introduced the organisations industry first campaigns Legends and Journey to Change and driven redefining business events as a tool for social sustainability and positive change.

Outside of VisitScotland, Rory sits on the committee for the ICCA UK & Ireland chapter.