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Young Leaders - Photography MasterClass

Feb 22, 2021


SITE Canada is proud to partner with SITE Florida Caribbean for our first Young Leader event of 2021! A Young Leader is a professional in the incentive travel industry, or is interested in a career in incentive travel. Young Leaders have less than five years industry experience and are under 35 years of age.  This event will be an excellent opportunity to learn some new skills and connect with fellow Young Leaders.


When there isn’t a budget for a professional photographer, how do you capture your event with the best pics and the quickest snaps while still managing everything else?

Join corporate event photographer, Kelli Price, to learn the basics on how to take better photos and how you can look good in a photo with simple posing tips.


  • The basics of taking a good photo with your smartphone
  • What makes a good EVENT photo
  • How to pose for a group photo
  • What to look for when you hire an event photographer
Date: Monday, February 22, 2021
Time: 3:00 EST
Cost: Complimentary to industry Young Leaders. You do not have to be a SITE member to participate.
Registration:  Click here to register now.  Please note you will receive the link to participate in the event on February 22 in the morning.
About Kelli Price:

My love for photography has been around long before 'selfie' was a word. I grew up with a Dad who liked to cover every inch of the walls with artwork, and a Mum that would spray paint everything gold when the project was originally for 1 curtain rod. My Dad has always been into photography and I think that is where my interest started. As the oldest child, there are considerably more photos of me then my brother, but that doesn't stop me from counting the frames at my Mum's to make sure we have equal frames on display.

I spent a majority of my corporate experience working as a Senior Account Manager for USMotivation, an incentive house based in Atlanta. After I started my photography business, it was a natural step to continue to work in the industry and with all the great connections! My first corporate gig was in Cabo San Lucas for TWO weeks! Needless to say, I loved incentive & event photography from the beginning!

I love to travel and I’m so fortunate that my work takes me to some amazing places. I’ve always had the travel bug (even before my incentive travel days) and some of my favorite places I’ve personally traveled include St. Louis & Las Vegas (I kid)! Seriously, top of my list is Seattle and Tahiti!