Past SITE Canada Events

We're Back! Cocktails and Conversation August 27!

Aug 27, 2020

SITE Canada Connects on Thursday, August 27

We hope you will join us for SITE Canada Cocktails and Conversation Thursday, August 27 from 3:30 to 4:30. 

We've Missed You! Cocktails and Conversation are back as we come to the end of summer. We hope you can join us to reconnect with SITE Canada members across the country and see where everyone is at moving into September.
We are going to keep it open and fun and let the group decide where the conversation goes. We may split up into groups or we may stay as one big group depending on what people want to do.  Gabby Spanton, President, SITE Canada, will also provide an update on our plans for Fall 2020.

We are really looking forward to re-connecting with everyone again on August 27!
This is a members only event so please check your emails for the registration link which will go out on August 19.  If you do not receive the link please contact