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SITE Week - July 20 - 23, 2020 - Free to Attend

July 20-23


SITE Week July 20-23 Free to Attend, Register Today

SITE is a truly global organization, with members in over 90 countries around the world. And we’re at our best when we reach out across the planet and collaborate. We experienced this powerfully in Bangkok when we co-created The Bangkok Manifesto, a compelling series of statements about the nature, purpose and direction of incentive travel. We experienced it again in Vancouver when we repeated the achievement and leveraged our global membership to build out The Vancouver Manifesto.

And we achieved it again during Covid-19 as we connected virtually, immersing ourselves in each other’s chapters, businesses and lives using the awesome power of technology.

SITE Week is our chance to harness the full power of our global membership to build out the future for our businesses, our association and our industry. Throughout next week we’ll interact and engage across the world with town halls, business recovery sessions, hackathons, ideation sessions and the launch of The Vancouver Manifesto.

Here’s what SITE President, Jenn Glynn, CIS CITP, had to say: “SITE Week is an opportunity for SITE members to come together and reflect at a time when countries are beginning to ease lockdown measures and we set out on the road to recovery. Throughout the months of lockdown we tried to be together, apart. We intensified our communications, transitioned our in-person to virtual events, strengthened our connections at chapter and global level. As we move to the next phase, it’s vital that we stay aligned. SITE Week is a chance for us to plan for recovery and celebrate our togetherness.”

Some of SITE Week will be restricted to members of SITE – our town hall sessions, for example. Some, like our recovery hackathon sessions, will be open to all incentive travel professionals. The week if free to sign up and attend. Register now and be part of the discussion! 

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