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SITE Canada Presents Roger Haskett: Pressure Cooker Confidence

Jun 23, 2020


SITE Canada is proud to present SITE Canada member and Engagement Expert Extraordinaire Roger Haskett on Tuesday June 23, 3:30 PM EST. If you have been joining us for our Tuesday webinars, Friday Conversation and Cocktails, or attended the SITE Global conference in Vancouver you will already be familiar with Roger.  If you have missed out on all those opportunities this is your chance to see what everyone has been talking about.

Pressure Cooker Confidence

I’ve spent my life walking into stressful rooms where I wanted to do magnificent things but I found it hard to do normal things, like breathe. Have you had that experience? This session examines how to go from "I can’t breathe” to “I’m regularly doing magnificent things.”

Using techniques honed from decades of acting, combined with new science about how to best be human and a dash of current engagement strategies, Pressure Cooker Confidence, explores how to create internal power in moments where humans typically feel powerless. Learning to create internal power has massive benefits for the individual. It also creates benefits in the organizations where these individuals work.

We focus on creating your own personal list of rules to guide better behavior and motivate transformation in your life and at work.

A pandemic (or any crisis) only makes the ability to create internal power more important.

Lock in Learning:

  • Learn and apply Roger’s Rules: Own the Room, Fight to Be Positive, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable...
  • Understand the science behind how your brain works while under extreme stress and gain tips and tricks to overcome fear, anxiety, and nervousness
  • Learn to be a bigger, better, more powerful version of yourself while under stress.

Take Aways:

  • Roger’s Rules turned into YOUR rules
  • Find power within yourself to tackle the hardest to change behaviors and attitudes
  • Become ’the me you want to be' more consistently… even in extremely stressful situations!

Click here for a video introduction to the session from Roger.

Date: Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Time: 3:30 PM to 4:30 Eastern Standard Time

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This is a complimentary event for SITE members around the globe and friends but you must pre-register to participate.

Thank you to Roger Haskett and Engagement Unlimited for making this event possible.

Roger Haskett ignites positive transformational change in teams and individuals with award-winning, innovative programs designed to enhance engagement and improve bottom line results - and he does it all with a unique format that lets you experience engagement while you learn about it.

Roger’s contagious positive energy and unique perspective is coupled with an impressive
background in teaching and acting. He has a BA in History, a BFA in Acting and a Masters in Education. He has appeared in over 100 movies, TV shows and commercials. You might have seen him in shows like X-Files, Supernatural, iZombie, and iRobot.

Roger’s first book, the me you want to be, has recently been published and is gathering
comments like: “Your audiobook is absolutely brilliant! It’s the best audiobook I’ve listened to in 2018!”